Gallicchio Stampi Engineering
Phone :
+39 011 4703501/29
Address :
Strada del Francese, 97/36 H 10156 Torino Italia

Fascinated by new challenges where we can make a difference.

Tools of high mechanical complexity, technologically advanced with high mechanical and aesthetic complexity. Specialised in interior and exterior components for cars, specialising in 2K tools (Cube, Blades and Rotary).

Interior components:

  • - Front and rear bumpers

  • - Grills and grilles

  • - Rear spoilers

  • - External Trim.

Interior components:

  • - Instrument panels

  • - Door panels

  • - Centre consoles

  • - Internal parts

Research, development and design of injection moulds

  • - 2K air conveyor (cube, blades and rotation)

  • - Intake and exhaust filters

  • - Aesthetic engine covers

Research, Development And Mold Design

Research, development and design are dedicated to the realisation of the idea. Together with the customer, the best solutions are identified to optimise the project and realise the product.

Production and realisation of injection moulds

The idea begins to take shape in the mould realisation phase: thanks to the mature experience and professionalism of our engineers and in symbiosis with the advanced technologies at our disposal, we guarantee our customers a product of the highest quality. In the tooling and parts production phase, the idea is translated into the finished product.

Service for tool try-out and component production

Our press shop offers various services, from tool try-out to series production. The department has extensive expertise in handling all types of techno polymers and all types of complex process cycles.

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