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In Turin, the capital of industrial design.

Gallicchio Stampi and Gallicchio Engineering are in Turin, the Italian capital of automotive and industrial design. A city that has been able to transform itself into a propulsive centre of convincing ideas and stimulating energies, especially in the field of environmental impact.

Specialisation as a principle.

Extreme flexibility and problem-solving skills in production process . . .

Personalisation as a method

Processing is carried out in design-related centres to speed up and customise . . .

High-definition technologies

The result of this approach is not resolved in the value of the final product . . .


Gallicchio Engineering.

The design capacity has always been a differentiating competitive lever for the company.



It represents the natural evolution of a strategic intuition that has its origins in the development of Engineered Design processes.


High degree of specialisation

Professionalism and the availability of extraordinary technological capital characterise every stage of the production process.



It is an operating model oriented towards the efficiency of processes and it is a relational dynamic that aims at the optimal quality of the outcome.


The pride of professionalism.

Gallicchio Stampi and Gallicchio Engineering work with severity and professionalism, respecting all safety regulations and guaranteeing the qualitative excellence of the final result.

  • - This is a source of pride for all the people employed in the company and a real guarantee for our customers.

  • - A commitment that has allowed Gallicchio Stampi to obtain the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification in 1999, immediately followed by Gallicchio Engineering in 2013.

  • - The next goal is the achievement of further certifications that, besides reaffirming the value of important management and operational choices, will offer Gallicchio Stampi the stimulation to reach new goals.


Years of Experience

Founded in Turin in 1979, Gallicchio Stampi is an important example of continuous innovation and Industry 4.0.

Today it is an Italian excellence operating successfully in the global market of injection moulds, 2K moulds and SMC moulds. The company has grown over time, has consolidated itself and continues to innovate. It has won the trust of the main brands in the automotive sector and has continued to develop its design skills with determination, until Gallicchio Engineering was created in 2006.

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